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2021 Results

High Boat Average:
Roy's Boy
Average Shark Weight: 329.3 lbs 
Captain: Chad Graham
In memory of Fred Emin Jr.

1st Place

Vessel: Roy's Boy

Participant: Cody Titus

Shark Weight: 438 Lbs

In Memory of Ryan Porter

3rd Place

Vessel: Irvin John

Participant: Christian Deveau

Shark Weight: 332 Lbs

In Memory of Crew of the Chief William Saulis

2nd Place

Vessel: Pull N' Prey

Participant: Jacques Surette

Shark Weight: 385 Lbs

In Memory of Ryan Saulnier

Youngest Sharker

Vessel: Acadian Star

Participant: Deanne Doucette (15)

Shark Weight: 280 Lbs

In Memory of Jim MacLeod

On average 80+ sharks are tagged and released each year for science

Grand Prize

Kawasaki 50cc (children's 4-wheeler) doanted by Tri-County Tractor/Yarmouth Shark Scramble
Winner: Shane Lynk
Vessel: Lurcher Shoal
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