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➢ Barrington Catch Data will be on site for weigh-ins
➢ The ONLY type of Shark that will be allowed to be landed are Blue Sharks minimum of 8ft in length. All Sharks are to be landed round, measurements for the Sharks are from tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.
➢ There will be NO Darting, Gaffing, Ballooning or Shooting of Fish, No Longline Trawls allowed.
➢ Any Sharks that have been tampered with in anyway will result in disqualification of that vessel and all participants registered with that vessel. As well, all participants will get a one (1) year suspension from the YSS tournament.
➢ If any participants are disqualified from the YSS tournament there will not be any refunds of their entry fees.
➢ We recommend that all participants used a corrodible hook
➢ There will be NO Transferring of Fish between Vessel
➢ Only active/paid Participants are allowed aboard the vessels, any vessels found to have any other fisher persons aboard their vessel which has not paid their entry fees and completed a registration form that vessel and all participants aboard that vessel will be disqualified from the YSS Tournament and will NOT be eligible to win any prizes.
➢ If for any reasons a participant decides he/she cannot go fishing and take part in the tournament after registering, the YSS Committee will refund the entry fee, and that participant will not be eligible to win any prizes. Only active participants can win prizes!
➢ There will be NO physical contact between vessels unless it is for Emergencies!
➢ All Transport Canada Safety Rules apply. Life Jackets required for all Participants on the vessel.
➢ All participants are asked to report sightings of North Atlantic Right Whales to DFO Maritimes Region at 1-844-800-8568 or email XMARWhalesightings@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
➢ All Captains are to report any collisions with Whales, Entangled Whales or Dead Whales to the Whale emergency hotline at 1-866-567-6277, VHF Channel 16 or Fundy Traffic VHF Channel 14
➢ All vessels will need to be Checked Out by YSS Committee member prior to departing, if a vessel leaves without being checked out by the YSS Committee, that vessel will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any prizes.
➢ Check Out Time: Will be 12:00pm (Noon) immediately following the Captain’s Meeting on Wednesday August 14th, 2019.
➢ Returning vessels must be Check in with a YSS Committee member
➢ If returning early, please contact a YSS committee member after 8:00am to arrange your check in and unloading number.
➢ Check in Time: Will be no later than 12:00am (Midnight) on Friday August 16th.
➢ In a joint effort with DFO Science we have decided that there will be ONLY 3 Sharks allowed to be landed per vessel. Which will cover 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes. All sharks not meeting the specified lengths are to be tagged, recorded and released.
➢ Shark Tagging kits will be provided by DFO Science at the Captain’s Meeting, please try your best to tag all released Sharks. If you catch any Sharks that have already been tagged, please record the information and release the shark. If the Tagged Shark is of 8ft or greater it can be used as a Tournament Shark, if the Captain decides!
➢ Any Late Arrivals will be Disqualified!
➢ There will be NO LEAVING VEHICLES in the following Parking Lots: Rudders Restaurant, South of Rudders Restaurant, Killam Brothers Wharf, vehicles will be towed at the participants expense as this parking will be needed for Patrons of the Restaurant and Spectators.
➢ Please keep all your Sharks Iced in the Fish Hold until Weigh Ins
➢ During the Tournament please keep all your drinks/beverages in a Glass, please No Garbage overboard.
➢ In case of a Tie in weight, the overall length will determine the winner.
➢ Only one log sheet per vessel is required, preferred to be completed by the Captain.
➢ All Log Sheets are required to be passed into Barrington Catch Monitoring during CHECK IN!
➢ HAIL OUT and HAIL IN will be done by Barrington Catch Monitoring.
➢ All vessels must report back to Rudders Wharf or call at the end of the tournament to advise that they are going directly home, no vessels are permitted to land or dock at any other ports during the tournament or that vessel and all participants will be disqualified.
➢ Be sure to give your CFV (Commercial Fishing Vessel) Number Vessel Phone Number to the YSS Committee member when checking out.
➢ There are no Personal Shark Licenses required, the Yarmouth Shark Scramble Committee hold the license for all participants.


YSS Committee 2019