Yarmouth Shark Scramble Rules and Regulations

Registration is $110.00 per participant. There is no vessel registration once the captain has paid his $110.00. The boat is registered. For more info on registration or any issues call John at 902-740-5113.

Type of sharks allowed as tournament fish:
Blue Shark 8 ft in length from tip to tip
Mako and Thresher 5 feet from tip to tip

All sharks have to be landed round. No darting, gaffing, ballooning or shooting fish. No transferring of sharks. No physical contact unless it’s an emergency.

The winning shark will be on display at The Canadian Tire Store. Keep all fish in the best possible condition. If you want to keep the jaws please ask John Boudreau.

We have two checkout times: Wednesday at 9pm to be back by 7pm on Friday (45hrs) Thursday at 5pm to be back by 2pm Saturday (45hrs) Returning vessels can call John at 902-740-5113 or Bobby at 902-749-6009. If you come in early Please check in after 8am.

In a joint effort with Department of Fisheries we have decided that there will be only 3 sharks landed per vessel. This will cover the first, second and third place spots. All sharks not deemed keepers have to be realeased. Tagging kits are available through D.F.O. You can pick them up after the captains’ meeting. Please tag any shark you realease and return the tagging kits to D.F.O. or one of the shark scramble committee members.

If you catch a tagged shark bring it in no matter what size. A tagged shark that is tournament length can be counted as a tournament fish.

When you check out please sign out at the back of the loft. Bring your boats to the new long docks at Killams Wharf and wait for an official to come check you out.

Thursdays departures will be checked out thursday nite at 5 pm.

Any late arrivals will be D.Q,d. There will be no leaving vehicles in the three parking lots which are Rudders, The parking lot to the south of Rudders, and Killam’s. Captains please inform your crew.

Please ice your fish.

There will be one weigh-in sceduled for the Saturday of each year’s scramble at 1pm on Killam’s Wharf behind Rudders.

Please no garbage overboard and keep your drinks in glasses.

In case of a tie overall length will determine the winner.

Good luck and have fun everyone!