Yarmouth Shark Scramble

Upcoming 2018 Yarmouth Shark Scramble

This year is going to be fantastic. The dates are from August 15th – 18th.

This year’s registration contact is Doreen and you can reach her by email at doreen_saulnier@hotmail.ca

You can get the 2018 registration form here and the sponsorship letter here.

Weigh ins will be on Saturday August 18th and prizes awarded in the evening.

We have Ghost Town Heroes playing in the Rudders tent during the evening on Saturday as well.

Winners 2017

1st Place – (In memory of Gary Nickerson)
Boat : Classy Lady
Captain: Calvin McNicol
Winning Participant: Ian McNicol
Skark: 313 lb Blue Shark

2nd Place – (In memory of Gregory Comeau)
Boat: Knot Too Shore
Captain: Darin Lowe
Winning Participant: Andrew Rhyno
Shark: 312 lb Blue Shark

3rd Place – (In memory of Ernest Michaels)
Boat: Kathy & Girls
Captain: Scott Rhode
Winning Participant: Brock Hamilton
Shark: 311 lb Blue Shark

Sharks Landed – 39 BLUE (38 male/1 female), 2 SHORTFIN MAKO (2 male)

Sharks Tagged & Released – 84 (Blue Sharks / Porbeagle Sharks / Mako Sharks)

Just a month away!!!!

First I would like to mention that we are now up to 16 boats registered for this years scramble. That’s amazing I must say.

We would like to put it out there and ask if any of the registered boats would be interested in taking people with them or perhaps someone out there willing to take a boat out to accomodate those people that registered as they don’t have a boat to go on right now but really want to go.

Im not sure about you all but I am pretty pumped about this event. Its going to be a blast. Can’t wait.

So spread the word. Tell everyone. Together we can make this a great come back

Register today give me a shout at 902-307-0705

The Scramble is Back!!!!

This years event is taking place August 12th & 13th, 2017 with an offshore and a bay division and we are open for registration.We are down to 2 days for the early registration fee. The last day to register at $125 is Friday July 30th. After that it is $150.

Something new we have in place this year for you guys is that we currently have 2 fuel sponsors. What does this mean? It means that as of right now at the captains meeting we will be doing a draw and 6 lucky boats will each receive a $500 fuel sponsor. Keep in mind that if we get more sponsors, we will be doing more draws.

If you haven’t done so already get your boat registered today. You do not want to miss the comeback of the Yarmouth Shark Scramble.

Feel free to reach out to Rachelle @ 902-307-0705 and get yourself signed up today.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble Info


Please note we have made a change to the registration fee, it now will be:

Prior to July 1st, Registration fee $125.00

Registration fee from July 1st on will be $150.00

Click here for for the registration form, rules and sponsors

Since the Yarmouth Shark Scramble is starting from scratch this year, we will need to know how many participants we will have so as to better plan the tournament. For this reason, all early registrations would be greatly appreciated.

Each year, most of the participants will head out on the Wednesday night of the scramble after the captains’ meeting and late entries on the Thursday by 5 pm. The vessels will start coming back over the 3 days. There will be t-shirts and hats available starting on the Friday night. On the Saturday there will be entertainment for the kids starting around 10 am. The weigh-ins start at 1 pm on the Saturday. The award ceremony will start at 6 pm on the Saturday of each year’s scramble.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble began 17 years ago when Bob Gavel approached John Boudreau with an idea to have a shark derby. They both thought it was a good idea, having been in derbies in other ports. This gave them an advantage as to how they would like to run their derby. John and Bob are proud to be recognized as having one of the most successful and professional derbies in the Maritimes. Sponsorship had a lot to do with that. The businesses in Yarmouth step up to the plate year after year.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble is a fishing tournament where teams compete to catch the largest total weight of sharks or largest weight of a single shark. The event is used as a fundraiser for local charities, with all catch information reported to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for scientific research. Several Canadian record holders have caught sharks during the Yarmouth Shark Scramble.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble is in its 16th season, as of 2013. Each year the tournament has an average of 20 vessels and 150-200 participants. The types of sharks fished in the tournament are Blue, Mako and Thresher. The weigh-in event is hosted on the Yarmouth waterfront behind Rudders Restaurant and Brew Pub at 96 Water Street, Yarmouth, NS.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble was featured on the Food Network’s show The Wild Chef in 2010. You can click this link to watch the episode from the Food Network’s website.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble was also featured on CBC’s Land and Sea in 2011. The 1st place winner , Patrick Hicks and Captain Mike Nickerson, were fortunate enough to host the film crew aboard the James and Wilbur to document the event. You can click this link to watch the archived episode from CBC’s website.

Yarmouth Shark Scramble gained international attention in 2004 when Jamie Doucette landed one of the biggest Mako Sharks on the planet and setting a Canadian record with his proud 1082 lb catch. This shark is featured on the main page of our website. We feature content on our website from a few different years and will fill in the gaps as we go with what we can find. The website content will be updated each year going forward.

If you have never been to the Yarmouth Shark Scramble, it is well worth the trip to Yarmouth. If you need directions, see the Google Map below…