2009 Winners

2009 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners

1st place-Jim Mcdormant-Largest shark-378lb Blue shark M/V Ocean Warrior, Captain Bernie Nickerson  $5000.00 and the coveted 1st place trophy.

2nd place-Daniel Muise Jr. 370lb Blue Shark M/V Rebecca Lynn $2500.00

3rd place-IanMcnicol, 348lb blue shark M/V Matador, Captain Perry Amiro

There were 19 Boats and 167 participants multiply that by 3 and you have 501 shark folks.

In 2008 we had the “Wild Chef” do a production for the famous Food Network channel. Chef Martin Picard (No not the star trek guy!) and Hugue Dufor proved that almost all of a shark can be eaten.

The grand stage prize winner last year was Clive Deeble from team Iqaluit,Nunavut on the M/V Sheila And Heidi. Which happened to be a 20 h.p. lawn tractor. We’re sure that came in handy up north 🙂