Shark Scramble Winners

2018 Winners

GRAND PRIZE Winner of the 4-Wheeler donated by Leonard C. Comeau/Honda was;

David Wiscock aboard the vessel “Irish Rebel”, he was from Glace Bay, NS

1st Place – Chris Cushing aboard the vessel “LURCHER SHOAL” 347.2 lb Blue Shark

2nd Place – Corey Irons aboard the Vessel “SEA FEVER III” 346.1 lbs Blue Shark

3rd Place – Ryan Leblanc aboard the vessel “AMANDA & ALLISON” 308.6 Blue Shark

2017 Winners

1st Place – (In memory of Gary Nickerson)
Boat : Classy Lady
Captain: Calvin McNicol
Winning Participant: Ian McNicol
Skark: 313 lb Blue Shark

2nd Place – (In memory of Gregory Comeau)
Boat: Knot Too Shore
Captain: Darin Lowe
Winning Participant: Andrew Rhyno
Shark: 312 lb Blue Shark

3rd Place – (In memory of Ernest Michaels)
Boat: Kathy & Girls
Captain: Scott Rhode
Winning Participant: Brock Hamilton
Shark: 311 lb Blue Shark

Sharks Landed – 39 BLUE (38 male/1 female), 2 SHORTFIN MAKO (2 male)

Sharks Tagged & Released – 84 (Blue Sharks / Porbeagle Sharks / Mako Sharks)

2014 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners

2014 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Results Aug. 13 to Aug 16

Total Number of Participants——- 111
Number of Vessels———————- 14


1st Place—— Matthew Bolliver/M/V Tykisha-j– Captain Kenny Graham
2nd Place—– Micheal Bourque/M/V Oilers Lady- Captain Brian Deveau
3rd Place—– Trevor McNicol/M/V Matador——- Captain Perry Amirault

Total Weight in lbs. 8430
High Boat Weight– Tykisha-j- 1064 lbs
Matador- 1000 lbs
Oilers Lady- 916 lbs

30 Blue Shark landed
1 Mako landed
Total wt.– 8430 lbs.

This year’s The Vanguard article by Carla Allen

We would like to thank all participants, volunteers and sponsors for an amazing scramble this year!

2013 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners

Another SHARK SCRAMBLE over for 2013 . There were 55 shark caught.

1st place weighing in a MAKO at 444 pounds caught by CHAD GRAHAM on TYKISHA J.

2nd place was caught by DANNY AMIRAULT on AMANDA AND ALLISON weighing in at 392 pounds.

3rd place was IAN MC NICOL on MATADOR 1 weighing in at 386 pounds

The Vanguard article by Carla Allen

We would like to thank all participants, volunteers and sponsors for an amazing scramble this year!

2012 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners

2012 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Results


17 boats 135 fishers and 48 sharks caught. 1 mako 216 lb.
Tournament was a huge success, sunny skies temperature 24 Celsius.


First place Ian Mcnicol 429 lbs on Matador (Captain Perry Amirault)

Second place Tracy Doucette 425 lbs on James and Wilbur (Captain Mike Nickerson)

Third place Daniel R Muise 378 lbs on Rebecca Lynn 1 (Captain Stephan d’Entrement)

2010 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners


Largest shark caught by Chad Graham from the boat Tykisha J – 439lb – blue shark

2nd place – Brandon McNicol from the boat Matador – 362lb – blue shark

3rd place – Darin Lowe from the boat Knot to Sure – 356lb – blue shark

15 boats and 109 participants registered.  44 sharks were caught.  42 were tournament sharks and 2 were tagged sharks.

If there was ever a year to go fishing it was this year! Lots of sunshine and calm seas made for one of our best shark derbies yet. Activities included a bounce pirate ship for children, air brush tattoos, fish pond and photo opt, shark trivia and give a ways and live music.

Winner of the Grand Stage Prize winner was Jack Wells from the boat Go For Broke. A very happy Jack won a Zodiac boat and motor generously donated by Nordic Marine Ltd.


2009 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners

1st place-Jim Mcdormant-Largest shark-378lb Blue shark M/V Ocean Warrior, Captain Bernie Nickerson  $5000.00 and the coveted 1st place trophy.

2nd place-Daniel Muise Jr. 370lb Blue Shark M/V Rebecca Lynn $2500.00

3rd place-IanMcnicol, 348lb blue shark M/V Matador, Captain Perry Amiro

There were 19 Boats and 167 participants multiply that by 3 and you have 501 shark folks.

In 2008 we had the “Wild Chef” do a production for the famous Food Network channel. Chef Martin Picard (No not the star trek guy!) and Hugue Dufor proved that almost all of a shark can be eaten.

The grand stage prize winner last year was Clive Deeble from team Iqaluit,Nunavut on the M/V Sheila And Heidi. Which happened to be a 20 h.p. lawn tractor. We’re sure that came in handy up north 🙂

2008 Yarmouth Shark Scramble Winners

1st place M/V Ocean Warrior, Bernie Nickerson largest shark 403.7 blue   $5000.00

2nd place M/V Matador, Jamie Boudreau 337.7 blue  $2500.00

3rd place M/V Tykisha-J, Kenny Graham 326.7 lb blue  $1000.00

High boat average Trinity 2004, Captain Mike Nickerson total wt. of 1637.7 lbs. avg. wt. 272.95 lbs  $1000.00

The grand stage prize went to Brian Mckay, M/V Lady Anne Marie : a trip for 2 down south

The electric scooter went to Randy Ritchie, M/V Little Maco

There were 18 vessels entered with 147 participants 118 sharks were caught with a total wt. of 23,439 lbs. All sharks caught were blue shark with the exception of one which was a thresher shark.