2017 Winners

1st Place – (In memory of Gary Nickerson)
Boat : Classy Lady
Captain: Calvin McNicol
Winning Participant: Ian McNicol
Skark: 313 lb Blue Shark

2nd Place – (In memory of Gregory Comeau)
Boat: Knot Too Shore
Captain: Darin Lowe
Winning Participant: Andrew Rhyno
Shark: 312 lb Blue Shark

3rd Place – (In memory of Ernest Michaels)
Boat: Kathy & Girls
Captain: Scott Rhode
Winning Participant: Brock Hamilton
Shark: 311 lb Blue Shark

Sharks Landed – 39 BLUE (38 male/1 female), 2 SHORTFIN MAKO (2 male)

Sharks Tagged & Released – 84 (Blue Sharks / Porbeagle Sharks / Mako Sharks)

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